CHUNG HA 청하 ‘PLAY (feat. 창모)’ Official MV Download

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  • 6 de jul. de 2020

  • #CHUNGHA #청하 #PLAY #MusicVideo #OfficialMV Stream ‘PLAY’ : Subscribe CHUNG HA : CHUNG HA 청하 ‘PLAY (feat. CHANGMO)’ Official MV Pre-Release Single #2 [PLAY] ‘PLAY’ continues the voice of the deep night expressed by the previous single ‘Stay Tonight’, it contains the story of a more beautiful hot afternoon than the night which blurred the boundary between day and night. After a secret and private moment, the lyrics were filled with bold and striking words like the angle of the midsummer sun. Starting with Remedy, CHANGMO's rap which presented a new narrative combining the title of CHUNG HA's singles was perfectly harmonized to complete a picture as if drawing a pupil. This song is a Latin pop with various elements of reggaeton arranged in each section. The guitar sound at the verse is scattered off the beat with an iconic reggae rhythm, warms the space with an acoustic guitar sound and a synthesizer sound that unfolds instantly from the pre-chorus, then a brass section and dembow rhythm with the climax chorus light a heart to everyone with a feast of rhythm. ‘PLAY’는 이전 싱글 ‘Stay Tonight’이 표현했던 깊은 밤의 목소리에 이어, 낮과 밤의 경계가 흐릿해져 밤보다 더 아름답고 뜨거운 오후의 이야기를 담고 있다. 은밀하고 비밀스러웠던 순간을 지나 한여름 태양의 고도처럼 강렬하고 과감한 단어들로 가사를 채웠다. Remedy로 시작해 청하의 대표 곡의 제목을 이어 새로운 내러티브를 선사한 창모의 랩은 마지막으로 눈동자를 그리듯 완벽하게 어우러져 하나의 그림을 완성하였다. 이번 곡은 레게톤의 다양한 요소를 섹션마다 배치한 라틴 팝이다. 오프 비트에 뿌려지는 기타 사운드로 레게 특유의 리듬으로 벌스를 환기하고, 프리 코러스부터 고조되는 순간 펼쳐지는 어쿠스틱 기타 사운드와 신디사이저 사운드로 공간을 데워, 절정으로 치닫는 코러스부터 시작되는 브라스 섹션, 뎀보우 리듬의 향연으로 모두에 마음에 뜨거운 불을 붙인다. [PLAY (Feat. 창모)] Lyrics by VINCENZO, Fuxxy, Any Masingga, Anna Timgren, 창모 Composed by VINCENZO, Fuxxy, Any Masingga, Anna Timgren, 창모 Arranged by VINCENZO, Fuxxy Drum Performed by VINCENZO Synthesizer Performed by Fuxxy Bass Performed by VINCENZO Keyboard Performed by Fuxxy Guitar Performed by 영 Background Vocals by 김연서 Recording Engineer 정은경, 김지현 at Ingrid Studio, CHANGMO at Neo Deokso Mixing Engineer 윤원권 at Studio DDeepKick Mastering Engineer 박정언 at Honey Butter Studio [Credits] EXECUTIVE PRODUCER 이주섭 MUSIC PRODUCER VINCENZO CREATIVE DIRECTOR 박성진 MEDIA PROMOTION MANAGEMENT 이정우 VISUAL PRODUCTION 이세린, 박미래, 유민지 ARTIST DEVELOPMENT 이채아, 임주희 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 고수빈 ADVERTISING PROMOTION DIRECTOR 오지호 [ ARTIST DIVISION 1 ] ARTIST MANAGER 권준모, 유하영, 제성인 PROJECT MANAGER 황미애 MARKETING 황미애 [ ARTIST DIVISION 2 ] ARTIST MANAGER 권준모, 이혜지, 이재연, 제성인 PROJECT MANAGER 방다은 MARKETING 방다은, 임다은 CHOREOGRAPHER 최리안, 신지원, 심희정 MAIN DANER 신지원, 심희정, 권도연, 김서정, 정두희, 최주연, 김정은, 조한샘, 김기현, 이원민, 이어진, 차충환, 문성훈, 구동현 HOUSE DANCER 문성훈, 이어진 DANCE SPORTS DANCER 김홍인 B-BOY 최찬배, 이규진, 문진홍, 이상현 STYLIST 박수경 HAIR & MAKE-UP 김은진 (Assist. 김유리, 김미선), 정은우 (Assist. 박진선) at 정샘물 Inspiration MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR 유재형 at Rigend film PHOTOGRAPHER 이수진 (Assist. 서세현, 지준영) at STUDI5 STILL PHOTOGRAPHER 조수민, 서세현 ART DIRECTION 김보현 @StudioGDST GRAPHIC DESIGN 김종민 @StudioGDST PUBLICITY PROMOTION HNS HQ MANUFACTURE YEIN ART CHUNG HA Youtube - CHUNG HA Instagram - CHUNG HA Twitter - CHUNG HA FaceBook - CHUNG HA Fan Cafe -


  • Courtnay Cruise
    Courtnay Cruise 1 mês atrás

    whoever Chungha's stylist is needs a RAISE. they always deliver

  • Edison Moreira
    Edison Moreira 2 semanas atrás

    Fact: bad song doesn't exist in chungha dictionary

  • Luís Henrique
    Luís Henrique 1 dia atrás

    The only thing this woman can't do is a bad song

  • InfiredByMinSuga
    InfiredByMinSuga 3 dias atrás

    Not even a fan of chungha but this song attracts me sm. And makes me think she has something special

  • Zizi Radebe
    Zizi Radebe 6 dias atrás

    I feel like Chungha isn't and was never meant for a group.

  • I am: Thirsty
    I am: Thirsty 1 mês atrás

    When Ariana said God was a women, she was talking about Chungha

  • sTaN
    sTaN 6 dias atrás

    This song is such a bop. Why do ppl sleep on chungha she is a LITERAL QUEEN

  • Ariana Aros
    Ariana Aros 1 semana atrás

    I can't be the only one who thinks she has EVERYTHING to be in a Super Bowl

  • Please Help Me Reach 800 subscribers God Bless

    Literally 99% won't see this. but if you do, God bless you, Stay safe and Do not give up!

  • biohazard737
    biohazard737 2 semanas atrás

    I can't believe I've been ignoring Chung Ha this whole time. She's quickly becoming one of my faves. Some artists u can tell were BORN to dance, like her and BoA. Also someone give this music video editor a huge raise!

  • sanrenity
    sanrenity 1 mês atrás

    Y’all chungha backwards spells “ahgnuhc” and it means perfection in a language I just made up

  • Park Zahina
    Park Zahina 6 dias atrás

    Why isn't anyone talking about her outfits?! THE OUTFITS ARE BOMBS!! YA'LL CAN'T DENY!!

  • it's too evil
    it's too evil 1 semana atrás (editado)

    This mv's aestetic atmosphere makes me speechless... Really......

  • Royale Jennifer
    Royale Jennifer 3 dias atrás

    chungha out here making all the straight girls gay and all the gay men straight

    STAN VINXEN OR HOBI WILL DIVORCE SPRITE 6 dias atrás (editado)

    Can we all appreciate that solo dance omg it was just

  • M C
    M C 1 mês atrás (editado)

    Somebody give Chungha's Stylist a raise, because every look in this MV slays

  • Ananya Ojha
    Ananya Ojha 1 semana atrás

    I am glad she debuted solo other than in a group . She has the potential and magical voice with mesmerising stage presence.

  • A. Hawthorn
    A. Hawthorn 6 horas atrás

    Me before: questioning my attraction to women

  • Alvard Hovhannisyam
    Alvard Hovhannisyam 1 semana atrás (editado)


  • Zlut Flut
    Zlut Flut 1 semana atrás

    i can't stop listening to this omg, everything is great CHUNG HA the song the voice the dance the outfits just WOW, and this is the softer voice have ever heard.