[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria) Download

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  • Estreou em 29 de jun. de 2020

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  • Nerissa Wen
    Nerissa Wen 2 semanas atrás

    RBW: So how much talent do you want to show in this comeback?

  • Ada Kardaş
    Ada Kardaş 2 dias atrás

    She just...doesn't realise she's making quarantine better for everyone...

  • Ada Kardaş
    Ada Kardaş 2 dias atrás (editado)

    Who's been a fan of Mamamoo before 2020??

  • Prabhjot Randhawa
    Prabhjot Randhawa 3 dias atrás

    2020 is worst...but hwasa maria happened to me like miracle

  • Ashoka Suvarna
    Ashoka Suvarna 2 dias atrás

    She is not the member of K-pop gurl group. She is the member of K-pop women group Mamamoo.. They are different, she is completely different..

  • T. A N N A
    T. A N N A 1 semana atrás

    Our queen is not strong

  • Jisoos Lost BLACKPINK in your area
    Jisoos Lost BLACKPINK in your area 1 dia atrás (editado)

    Hwasa is just a queen like haters can hate but she still slays

  • Renāte Jansone
    Renāte Jansone 3 dias atrás

    "people" (tbh rats) who called her ugly can honestly go to hell, no one is ugly, only because you don't find the person attractive doesn't mean it's ugly..

  • Morella Wonka
    Morella Wonka 1 dia atrás

    My sister's name is Maria, and she passed away because of plastic surgery. She was beautiful, but bad comments about her body made her take that stupid and mortal decision.

  • I hate Adrian
    I hate Adrian 2 dias atrás

    those people who disliked this doesn't have any taste in music or they're just dumb

  • 맘진돗개
    맘진돗개 1 semana atrás

    Hwasa’s catholic name is Maria. This song is literally for her..

  • oh well
    oh well 2 dias atrás

    hwasa gets way too much hate for being herself, she should be commended for it.

  • Ada Kardaş
    Ada Kardaş 2 dias atrás (editado)

    Are you a international mamamoo fan?

  • narumitsu
    narumitsu 2 dias atrás (editado)

    This hits different when you're insecure about yourself and when people around you laughed at you about your looks

  • Breena .p
    Breena .p 2 dias atrás

    Hwasa doesn’t need a crown. She already knows she’s a queen ❤️

  • Pillsburydumbboy
    Pillsburydumbboy 1 semana atrás

    I feel bad for the people that don’t know this queen exists

  • _Evelyne _
    _Evelyne _ 3 dias atrás

    If this song doesn't get many awards, i'm seriously gonna get mad. This is a masterpiece!

  • Hani pup
    Hani pup 1 dia atrás (editado)

    Mamamoo are queens

  • Janeth G.
    Janeth G. 1 dia atrás

    Me duele todo el odio que recibe Hwasa ella no se lo merece, solo hace lo que mas ama y cumple sus sueños, eso no tiene nada de malo, no es justo las cosas horribles que le dicen.

  • 꽃잎목소리
    꽃잎목소리 3 dias atrás

    World's best dancer, song, voice, charisma. Perfect.