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  • Published on Jun 14, 2019

  • Dogger did an oopsie. press F to pay respect to doggo. Actually they were all fine, just very bamboozled ;) Sources; https://www.instagram.com/ken_shiba/ https://www.instagram.com/petcanines/ https://www.instagram.com/borkgorl/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BBMfhmSvIc5/ https://youtu.be/4KqAaqtRUBE https://youtu.be/8-daMyeA8RE Tik Tok (Douyin) ID: 64011979 Tik Tok (aussiesdointhings) Patrons: Wise Woofers: 🏆 Chase Cutler 🥈 Wheel 💝 Tyro Lavine 💝 Generic Scottish Channel 💝 Nick Moran 💝 Matty Harrison 💝 joshua xd 💝 Handly 💝 Luke Doggos: 🐕 Yoshi Doshi 🐕 datruemlgmaster 🐕 Mr. Megaman 🐕 L² Studio 🐕 Vegan Nomad Chick 🐕 Hanna Liauchonak 🐕 Nate 🐕 lolyoshi 🐕 Freddy 🐕 Akira 🐕 david sherman 🐕 Yeetabix Pups: 🍼 MinipongTV 🍼 Josh Genet 🍼 Samuel John Gottschall 🍼 HybridGear 🍼 Yuri Ibraev 🍼 Kay Renee 🍼 Maciej Kowalski 🍼 Julianna Rose Provenzano 🍼 Luca Guarnaschelli 🍼 DoggoIsBorking 🍼 Just Martin 🍼 Ivan Sandoval 🍼 Brooks Gillmore 🍼 ShamPee 🏆= highest donor 🥈= second highest donor
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  • Zuzu
    Zuzu 2 months ago

    Don't forget to restore your doggos HP with bepis and chicken nuggets so they can survive longer

  • Corgi Games
    Corgi Games 1 month ago

    “All dogs were ok”

  • Random User Productions

    shiba falls off log into the deep dark river

  • E s s c e n c e
    E s s c e n c e 1 month ago


  • aayush a
    aayush a 1 month ago (edited)

    He protecc

  • ashley 472074
    ashley 472074 2 months ago (edited)

    "all dogs were OK" thank you for that message, really thanks ♥

  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez 1 month ago

    This was great and cute but when

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 1 month ago

    Is it a bird?

  • Dipstick
    Dipstick 1 month ago

    I love how you put the Lego Yoda death sound Everytime they fell

  • Máté Rajmond
    Máté Rajmond 1 month ago


  • Kotus
    Kotus 2 months ago (edited)

    Doggo: Hooman Need halp

  • Dizzy Narwhal
    Dizzy Narwhal 1 month ago (edited)

    Honestly, I wouldnt have liked this vid, BUT the end note was very nice🥰!

  • Bree Cake
    Bree Cake 1 month ago

    All doggy’s weren’t harmed in the making of this video 😂❤️😂

  • Antillique LKS
    Antillique LKS 1 month ago

    R.I.P Gabe The Dog

  • KatrinSi
    KatrinSi 1 month ago

    dog: falls off the big branch

  • Todd Roberts
    Todd Roberts 2 months ago


  • Niña Angela Garcia
    Niña Angela Garcia 1 day ago (edited)


  • Pudding Amateur
    Pudding Amateur 1 week ago

    Wolf: Im hungry, its cold, i see humans next to fire. I will ask them for some food, what could go wrong?

  • HorseMadGirl 2019
    HorseMadGirl 2019 1 month ago

    But the doggo going across the wood with a drop? Was he Oki? 😰😭

  • frogishyouth
    frogishyouth 1 month ago

    me: :O NU DOGGOS