Lawan Takes Oath Of Office As Senate President Video - Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jun 11, 2019

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  • Mohammed sani
    Mohammed sani 1 month ago

    May Almighty Allah help and guide you throughout your tenure as Senate President

  • Ayuba Zoaka
    Ayuba Zoaka 1 month ago

    The bible says in proverbs


    Sen. Ahmed Lawan may Allah guide you throughout your tenure as Senate President and to do justice for all and sundry. We believe in your dignity and integrity, please do justice to the best of your ability. Prayer from Kebbi Central senatorial zone.

  • Abuh Husseini
    Abuh Husseini 1 month ago

    Your excellency sir , welcome is the always be the beginning Nigeria need your leadership but please sir do not make an attempt to Mr President. Thank u Mr President of the Senate

  • Chika Aylor
    Chika Aylor 1 month ago

    9th Assembly of criminals thieves boko harams corruption looters and murderers

  • Don Pedro
    Don Pedro 1 month ago

    Quonstitution😀😀 So helepme God!! Shameful and full of shame. Next time, don’t listen to those who say they want to fight corruption and they belong to nobody because the reverse is their choice!

  • Musbahu Dayyabu
    Musbahu Dayyabu 1 month ago

    Wish you the best of luck sir

    DALHAT USMAN 1 month ago

    Congratulation to our newly elected senate president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

  • Joy Ogochukwu
    Joy Ogochukwu 1 month ago

    congratulation to you sir pls remember me OK my name is Ndukwe joy.

    MD SHAHIN 1 month ago

    so this criminal later become their president

  • Eburue Louis
    Eburue Louis 1 month ago

    The blood of POOR Nigerians who in the northeast south east south south south west and middle belts shall never stops crying on these criminal for justice.

  • Zebra Ojioforganaa
    Zebra Ojioforganaa 1 month ago

    OK na this man be ameld confirm carnelian the Fulani moat dangerous and pretending criminal. He have the highest vote. That is y I call all of you in that Senate as a big rart .because of the Braun envelope

  • Ebhomielen Ross
    Ebhomielen Ross 1 month ago

    Foolish leaders

  • dunji saint
    dunji saint 1 month ago

    Another wait 4yrs

  • Aisha Sam
    Aisha Sam 1 month ago

    Congratulations sir Allah ya tayaka ruko

  • EliFinance
    EliFinance 1 month ago


  • Aminu Hamidu
    Aminu Hamidu 1 month ago

    Congregation new NASS leaders

  • Aminu Hamidu
    Aminu Hamidu 1 month ago

    Congregation new NASS leaders

  • kehinde garba
    kehinde garba 1 month ago

    Haba hear the tone na he was the one that mention is name ...lolz anyway I trust non of them Till I get there

  • Chimamanda Goodnews
    Chimamanda Goodnews 1 month ago (edited)

    Since lawyers or judge can conduct a successful election for senate president with out rigging why dont them be the one that conduct presidential election and others