Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game 6 Highlights | June 13, 2019 NBA Finals Video - Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019

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  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights 1 month ago

    TOP 100 MOMENTS OF THE 2018-19 NBA SEASON!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • NukeDidIt2x
    NukeDidIt2x 1 month ago

    DeMarcus: I get a free ring here, right?

  • ggyy311
    ggyy311 1 month ago

    Cousin: Easy ring for me~

  • Toons 1K
    Toons 1K 1 month ago

    Fred Vanvleet Deserves A Higher 2K Rating After His Performance Last Night

  • Ali Firmansyah
    Ali Firmansyah 1 month ago (edited)

    GSW:We believe can comeback from 3-1

  • Charles DBeats
    Charles DBeats 1 month ago

    Danny Green Almost became the new JR 😭😂💀

  • TrapFilmz
    TrapFilmz 1 month ago

    Leonard deserves this, especially after ZAZA took him out.

  • TDFan623
    TDFan623 1 month ago

    Kawhi finally gets his revenge against the Warriors

  • Jacob Binder
    Jacob Binder 1 month ago

    Finally, the Warriors lost. Thank you Toronto

  • Arch Vile
    Arch Vile 1 month ago

    "I was sacrificed for their success" - Demar Derozan

  • MrJoeMontano
    MrJoeMontano 1 month ago

    Damn finally a different team winning a title. I'm sick and tired of seeing the damn warriors every year

  • Ronaldo Owino
    Ronaldo Owino 1 month ago

    Cousins thought he would get an easy ring 😂😂😂

  • FnW swxfty
    FnW swxfty 1 month ago

    I love how Kawaii is so silent when he plays. He only focuses on the game and doesn’t talk trash.

  • John Spidell15
    John Spidell15 1 month ago

    GoldenState: I am inevitable

  • Chinlee O'Bannon
    Chinlee O'Bannon 1 month ago

    Even though I'm a Warriors fan, Raptors deserve this win. Salute for them specifically Kyle Lowry and Ibaka. They show real sportsmanship.

  • Caught LtRt
    Caught LtRt 3 weeks ago

    Fun Fact:Every time the warriors lost in the finals they lost by 4 points

  • Jeralyn Alang
    Jeralyn Alang 1 month ago

    How about the undrafted guy

  • TinnieTa21
    TinnieTa21 3 weeks ago

    Can we just recognize the first few minutes of just insaneness by Lowry?!

  • Aku Chou Lee
    Aku Chou Lee 3 hours ago

    The Warriors about to sign Zaza that max deal

  • Whiterun Soldier
    Whiterun Soldier 1 month ago (edited)

    No one: